KUSIMI E-Solution was formerly known as KUSIMI Computer, which was formed in 1985 and has more than 20 years experience in accommodating various industries’ IT needs. KUSIMI Computer was restructured in 2005 and as a result, KUSIMI E-Solution was formed to provide even better and increased result oriented customized software solutions in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its customers’ management systems.

As one of the pioneers in the nation’s IT industry, Kusimi has achieved tremendous success, primarily in East Malaysia upon commencement of its operations from Kota Kinabalu and moreover, has spread its wings to West Malaysia. Therefore, it is not surprising that the firm has extensive network in order to cater to its customers.  To-date, the firm has set up branches in Kuala Lumpur, Tawau and Lahad Datu.

Over the years, KUSIMI has achieved tremendous success, mainly due to its vast experience in providing customized software solutions to customers in the Manufacturing Industries, Trading Industries, Timber Industries, Tourism Industries and Small & Medium Industries (SMI).In understanding the customers’ needs, KUSIMI has managed to design and develop the appropriate software solution befitting each customer. Consequently, customers are impressed with Kusimi’s aptness/ingenuity in addressing their software requirements.

In having a team of IT professionals, of whom the majority have more than 5 years’ field experiences in various industries, KUSIMI can be counted upon by customers in tackling the complexities that arise.  As the IT professionals are knowledgeable and updated in IT systems development, they are able to formulate the most current hi-tech solutions for their customers. Therefore, it is not surprising that KUSIMI has been officially certified by Microsoft as one of its IT partners.

KUSIMI has proven itself in administering excellent customer service during the initial implementation stages and support services after completion of each project. Furthermore, KUSIMI’s cost-effective and operational efficiency approach is highly sought after by its customers. Overall, KUSIMI is able to offer industry specific solutions that significantly increase profitability.

KUSIMI is a dynamic growing company with increasing annual turnover and widening customer. The Management Systems, Accounting Packages and Inventory Systems comprise the core of KUSIMI’s business.