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Kusimi’s core business revolves around critical it aspect such as management systems,accounting packages and inventory systems. each one comes with quality guarantees.


KUSIMI’S timber management system offers various specialized sub-sytem types namely:

  • Log Production System
  • Sawn Timber managemnet system 
  • Loglist System 
  • Packing List System 
  • Sawn Document Declaration System

Our timber management system has you covered in all stage, from log-cutting to production, and, finally, local distribution or export. The system also generates detailed reports on all the vital aspects of the process such as packing lists, loglists, declaration forms etc.


KUSIMI’S lessen the burden on your organization’s human resources with automated and fully customizable HR System that offers lots of essential Features.

  • Payroll Management, e-claim, e-leave, e-loan modules. This reduce the labour load and can help you cut down on labour cost while simultaneously minimizing human errors.
  • LHDN approvals to ensure that all your operations are within compliance regulations.
  • Auto calculation of PCB, EPF, SOCSO, EIS.
  • Auto-generation of Borang E/EA.
  • Auto-generation of text files for major banks for salary transfer, further reducing the workload associated with manual inputting and commanding.
  • Scan receipt to submit claims from the app. 
  • The system introduces an effective paperless strategy by allowing employees personal access and download of their pay slips and EA forms from the portal.
  • Easy generation of monthly payroll at the click of a button.


The Accounting Partner System is design to keep track of your firm’s accounting issues and minimize human errors that can be costly to the business in the long run.

  • Generation of critical business documents such as Invoices, Cash sales receipt, Purchase invoices, Credit notes, Debit notes, Payment vouchers, Receipt vouchers and Journal voucher modules.
  • An advance bill offset module.
  • Conducting Bank Reconciliation to establish the business’s true Financial position.
  • A GST/SST Feature.
  • Full LHDN GST certification to ensure compliance with accounting regulations.
  • Debtor credit limit &  Credit term control.


The Web Stock System helps you to keep track of your business’s productivity, Stocks, and Sales pattern as well as alerts you whenever there are impending shortages or any other stock-management issues.

  • Ultimate Versatility; can be used by warehouse facilities, distributors, and retailers.
  • Up to 3 unit of measurements for each stock item to enhance clarity when nothing stock levels.
  • Direct posting to the accounting system for record-keeping and update purposes.
  • Ability to integrate with mobile apps for various tasks and processes such as;
    1. Stocktake
    2. Stock enquiry
    3. Customer order entry
    4. Quotation entry
  • Generation of essential business reports which include;
    1. Stock Balance
    2. Stock Value(FIFO, Weighted average)
    3. Stock Ledger
    4. Stock Movement
    5. Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Sales analysis report